Pohnpei, Kosrae

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Climate: Average is 81 degrees year around
Dry Season: January – May
Wet Season: July – September
Water Temperature average: 80 degrees year around
Visibility:: Up to 150 ft
Currency: US dollars
Electricity: 110/120 volts
Language: English is spoken through the islands

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 Pohnpei is the capitol of Federated States of Micronesia. The island is also known as the garden island of Micronesia.  You will find lush rainforest and spectacular waterfalls on Pohnpei.  One of the sights to visit on Pohnpei is Nan Madol ruins. This is Micronesia's best known archaeological site, Nan Madol - the ancient city, the "Venice of the Pacific" is an ancient stone city built on 100 artificial islets off the southeast coast of the island. The ruins consist of immense basalt rock logs brought to the islands by raft (some say by magic) to construct steps, paths and a temple. Other sites include Spanish Wall, Sokehs Mass Grave, German Bell Tower, Botanical Garden, and Japanese tanks and shrines.

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When diving Pohnpei you will enjoy the unspoiled reefs of Pohnpei:  Here is a list of some of their dive sites.


1 Mwand Wall & Pass
This stunning dive features a wealth of corals. Branching Green Tubastrea Coral Trees compete with Red Whip Coral and multi-hued soft coral trees. Crinoids decorate the beautiful gorgonians found below 100 feet. Divers can also see large fish such as Napoleon Wrasses and schooling fusiliers, as well as small creatures. A large variety of nudibranchs, blennies, anthias and butterflyfish inhabit the reef.

2 Areu Wall
This inner lagoon dive features encrusting sponges, tunicates, hard coral and a wealth of tropical reef fish. At depth the wall is studded with black coral trees, large gorgonian fans and soft coral trees.

3 Joy Island
The island offers several good spots along its east and northeast shores that are frequented by Green Sea Turtles, Eagle Rays, reef sharks, Dog-tooth Tuna and barracuda. The area also offers excellent snorkeling with shallow coral gardens.

4 Rainbow Island
Decorated with hard and soft corals and a variety of sponges, this area features both steep drop-offs and sloping walls. There is a good chance that you'll see schooling jacks, turtles, King Mackerels or rainbow runners. Vast schools of parrotfish, unicornfish and surgeonfish are also occasionally sighted.

5 Kehpara Island
A variety of underwater terrain surrounds Kehpara, including a channel for drift diving and a wall with Golden Sea Fans, anemones and sponges. Sightings of Silvertip Sharks are not uncommon, along with patrolling Blacktip and Whitetip Reef Sharks. Macro photographers will find a wealth of interesting critters such as lobster, shrimp and flatworms.

6 Poahloang Pass
The sloping inner reef is punctuated with cracks and crevices. Look for mollusks, crustaceans and moray eels. The healthy upper reef is home to anemones, sea turtles, Sweetlips, and several species of snapper.

7 Palikir Pass
With an ever-present school of 30 to more than 100 Gray Reef Sharks, this passage dive is considered one of the most active and exciting. Just outside the entrance of the channel is a deep reef at about 120 feet and is the best area to observe the sharks.

8 Palikir Wall
Drift along the outer barrier wall into the channel and along the wall you'll find shell-life such as shiny cowries, Triton's trumpets, giant clams and augers. A giant coral head marks the entrance into the channel. This is a popular area for nesting triggerfish and resting Whitetips. Soft coral trees stud the channel wall and the reef top is home to many small creatures such as blennies, pipefish, anemonefish and gobies.Myron Haynes
Pohnpei is a true island paradise, remote and still very much untouched.


Kosrae is one of the 4 States of Micronesia.  The island is 42 square miles just southwest of Hawaii.  On Kosrae you can lose yourself on one of their secluded white sandy beaches where you won’t find a single footprint to mar its pristine beauty. Imagine gliding silently in a dugout canoe through ancient mangrove forest canals, or visiting archeological ruins that defy both time and meaning.

Kosrae is known for its virgin reef and pristine waters, visibility up to 200+ ft. and thriving hard coral society. There are more than 172 species of hard corals and 10 species of soft carols. There are over 250 species of fish and marine life. The three natural harbors are homes to 2 slained whaleships, Henrietta in 1843 and Waverly in 1893, with two WWII ship wrecks the Sansun Maru and Keikyu Maru and several planes (2 in good condition). And for the more adventurous and fit traveler, try the majestic Mt. Finkol, the tallest mountain in Kosrae. At 2,064 ft. high, it is a site worth exploring while in Kosrae.



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Hotel taxes

All packages are based on double occupancy, per person prices


1 Blue Hole
Located in front of the Kosrae Nautilus Resort, this easy dive consists of a natural hole in the large inner reef flat. The hole's edges drop off vertically in some spots and are lined with coral. It's a great area to observe juvenile fish, schools of baitfish, angelfish and chromis.

2 Village Reef
This is a pristine and vibrant reef directly in front of the Kosrae Village Resort. You'll find large Staghorn coral, lots of swirling anthias, large groupers and colorful angelfish and butterflyfish. The reef slopes down gently from the shallows, offering good snorkeling on calm days.

3 Malem Reefs
The Malem coast offers a series of mostly shallow dives featuring beautiful hard coral gardens, including enormous table corals and branching staghorn corals. The coral shelters a large number of fish and invertebrates such as swirling anthias, damsels, flatworms and nudibranchs.

4 Hiroshi Point
Accessible from either boat or shore, Hiroshi Point is comprised of a sloping wall with healthy hard coral gardens and swarming fish. Underneath the current-swept overhangs, look for soft coral trees, moray eels and invertebrates. You are also likely to encounter schools of parrotfish, sea anemones and Sand Stingrays.

5 Utwe Coast
A shallow reef with pristine hard corals, this site can be enjoyed by both divers and snorklers. You'll find large Brain Corals, Staghorn Coral and Cabbage Coral, along with many other species at various depths. Macro photographers love this spot for the array of vividly hued nudibranchs, flatworms, shrimp and Christmas Tree Worms. Eagle Rays are also frequently spotted in this region.

6 Bully Hayes Wreck
Lenora, the ship of scoundrel Bully Hayes, sunk here in 1874 and is a true pirate wreck. Although there are only a few remains of wood and metal left, the dive is worth it not only for the novelty but also for the many juvenile fish, lionfish and the occasional turtle.

7 Walung Drop Off
A steep drop off flushed by currents and studded with healthy corals, this site is home to schooling barracuda, turtles and Napoleon Wrasses. The boat ride to the site is almost as stunning as the dive. You'll cruise by pristine beaches, rugged coastlines and mangrove forests.

8 Yela Wall
This healthy hard coral reef starts at 40 feet and gradually continues down to 120 feet. You may encounter schools of impressive Broomtail Filefish, Eagle Rays and a good variety of invertebrates including anemones, shrimp and nudibranchs.

9 Shark island
This site offers Kosrae's best opportunity to interact with pelagics. Sharks, schooling Eagle Rays, Rainbow Runners and barracudas are just some of the species you may encounter.